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Do you fear

The foreign represents
everything that is unstable
and unpredictable
in our lives.

Z. Bauman

The first Europeans's fear

The immigration’s issue is the first Europeans’s concern. This was stated by the EurobarmeterCollection of surveys regularly conducted on behalf of the European Commission since 1973 report that measures the perception of citizens on the role of EU institutions.

According to the report, from 2013 to 2015, there has been constant rise in the migration concern index.


Is there a relationship between newspaper language and concern index?

In presence of complex phenomena, media play a crucial role. Let's analyze three Member States with a different level of concern: Malta, Italy and Portugal.


2015 annus horribilis

What scares the most? The actual increase in asylum requests or the written articles and their content? For the selected countries, there has been analyzed all the articles written in 2015 from the two main national newspapersAccording to rankings made by, an agency that deals with internet traffic statistics, containing the words "migrants" and "refugees".

The graph shows the concern index in relation with the asylum requests and the articles written on the topic.